Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Beautiful Wife's Beautiful Food

Since being married in June 2010, my wife Kelly and I have tried to eat dinner together every evening. Kelly works very hard at planning and preparing balanced, creative meals. I am sometimes a helper, but always a beneficiary. These are a few of the dishes that made me say, "We gotta get a picture of that!" The light in our kitchen is a mix of incandescent and florescent, so the photos aren't extremely beautiful, but here they are (clockwise from top left): I'm not really sure what the first one is, but I thought it looked really pretty on the plate; salmon and mashed potatoes; the awesome Saturn-shaped cake she made for my outer space themed 24th birthday party. She also got me this awesome book, and two tickets to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston (photos of this to come); and finally sundried tomato-stuffed chicken and sauteed veggies.

Round two includes (clockwise from top left): BBQ Chicken, broccoli with red pepper, and parmesan potatoes; homemade gluten-free pizza (my birthday dinner); and gluten-free pumpkin bundt cake.